Pain BC

Pain BC‘s mission is to improve the lives of people in pain through education, empowerment, and innovation.

Pain doesn’t have to be a barrier to living a full life. We believe in a holistic, integrated approach to pain management. If you’re living with pain, you deserve to be in the driver’s seat. These are our goals:

  • Promote prevention and early intervention in chronic pain and pain-related disability;
  • Educate, promote skill development, and build hope and confidence among people living with pain and their families;
  • Empower health care providers with the education, tools, and skills they need to improve the lives of people living with pain;
  • Facilitate planning, action, evaluation, and innovation leading to service system change;
  • Engage a cross-sectoral coalition in collective action to raise awareness of chronic pain and reduce the stigma associated with it;
  • Foster and encourage pain and pain-related disability research

Whether you’re living with pain, supporting someone in pain, or providing care to patients in pain, we offer tools and resources to help you. Together, we can make a difference.


Author: wrcpi

Waterloo Region Chronic Pain Initiative