Health minister boosts chronic pain, IBS research funding March 31, 2016

For chronic pain and bowel disease sufferers, getting almost $25 million from the federal government and another $67 million from interested parties for Hamilton-centred research is a very big deal.

This attention to the patients’ excruciating illnesses, and this new research based on their guidance, is boosting their hopes for improvements or cures.

“Undermanaged chronic pain is an epidemic in Canada,” said Kitchener resident Lynn Cooper at Health Minister Jane Philpott’s McMaster University funding announcement on Thursday.

Seven million Canadians — one in five — suffer from devastating chronic pain, said Cooper, president of the Canadian Pain Coalition.

“At its worst, this pain is disabling, dehumanizing, and deadly when people take their lives because they can no longer bear the pain.”

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Author: wrcpi

Waterloo Region Chronic Pain Initiative