Mission Statement

The Waterloo Region Chronic Pain Initiative provides non-financial support and information to persons with Chronic Pain and their support network. The Initiative raises funds, supports research, educates government representatives, medical and education professionals, the media and the public on Chronic Pain, its debilitating effects and on the concomitant social and economic consequences.


  1. To further the education and knowledge of the people of The Regional Municipality of Waterloo concerning Chronic Pain, and more particularly to those afflicted with Chronic Pain, family, caregivers, governments, allied agencies of governments, institutions, the medical profession and the media.
  2. To provide non-financial support, information and assistance to Chronic Pain patients, their families, friends and caregivers.
  3. To promote, facilitate and raise funds for the research, investigation and study with respect to the causes and treatment of Chronic Pain.


The WRCPI (Waterloo Region Chronic Pain Initiative) was officially named on Jan. 24, 2016. This small grassroots movement started in October 2015 to provide awareness and education regarding chronic pain and to help those with chronic pain find the resources, treatments and services available within the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.  The WRCPI evolved out of the “Chronic pain stakeholder engagement workshop” held at the School of Pharmacy (University of Waterloo) on November 27, 2013.

Our name was decided on as follows:

  • Waterloo Region” reflects the geographic scope the group wishes to focus its efforts on, but does not exclude participation by those outside of Waterloo Region;
  • Chronic Pain” specifies the types of pain conditions considered; and finally,
  • Initiative” seemed the best representative term for the group’s work of identifying treatment/service gaps for people with chronic pain which will lead to initiating new projects/workshops in the community.

What We Do

Our Workshop Committee provides regular public meetings with guest speakers and lively discussions about living with chronic pain and how it can be managed better.

Our Website and Social Media Committee continually updates our online resource list and posts information and news relating to chronic pain.

People currently involved with the WRCPI include:

  • Researchers/academics;
  • kinesiologists;
  • therapists; and
  • people living with chronic pain.

There are representatives from each of:

Our goal is to increase our number of partnerships.

Please contact us to get involved!

Our planning meetings are usually the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. and the invitation remains open if you wish to become involved or know of someone who might be interested in joining this exciting initiative.