Canadian Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting May 22-25, 2018

The Canadian Pain Society is having their Annual Scientific Meeting May 22-25, 2018

You may apply for a Patient Scholarship which allows any patient or caregiver (relating to pain) free travel/attendance to the meeting. Apply at this link: Application deadline is April 11, 2018.

Centre for Pediatric Pain Research

The Centre for Pediatric Pain Research is an international leader in children’s pain research. The interdisciplinary research conducted by their faculty, students, and staff tackles many facets of children’s acute and chronic pain. They are committed to conducting high-quality research on how to better understand, assess, and manage children’s pain and translating this research into improved practice.

Their site provides an overview of their work, including current research activities at the Centre, information about their faculty and students, as well as links to useful resources on pain assessment and management in children.

Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) believes people of all ages in Canada have the right to pain management services.  Occupational therapists have the knowledge, skills and expertise to address pain management at individual client, community and policy levels. Occupational therapists utilize interventions that focus on optimizing occupational performance and engagement, developing self-efficacy and pain self-management skills, acquiring pain health literacy, and the prevention of chronic, enduring pain.

Canadian Academy of Pain Management

The Canadian Academy of Pain Management is dedicated to promoting excellence of care for pain sufferers; through comprehensive professional development for professionals who care for pain sufferers; in a context of interdisciplinary collaboration; and through adherence to the core professional attitudes and acquisition of knowledge essential for caring for pain sufferers.

Accreditation by the Canadian Academy of Pain Management acknowledges that the accredited member demonstrates a high standard of appropriate knowledge of the field of Pain Management and demonstrates the core attitudes requisite for the respectful, skilful, and compassionate care of pain sufferers.

Canadian Pain Strategy Initiative

The Canadian Pain Strategy Initiative (CPSI) started with the Canadian Pain Summit and the events leading up to that Summit. The blueprint for a Canadian Pain Strategy was developed and released and was endorsed and celebrated at the Summit. To date the CPSI has not been successful in getting the federal government to form a task force to develop and implement a Canadian Pain Strategy. The CPSI believes a national pain strategy is the best way to assure access to best practice pain care for all Canadians from the time of birth to the end of life. They will continue to advocate for this.