Click the links below for more information about our previous workshops:

Our fourth workshop (Dec. 1, 2016):

  • Enjoying the Holidays while Managing Chronic Pain – Panel Discussion followed by a Q&A with members from the WRCPI.

Our third workshop (Sep. 29, 2016):

  • Navigating work with chronic pain – Matthew Stein
  • Managing chronic pain: An occupational therapy perspective – Emma Grace

Our second workshop (May 18, 2016):

  • Managing Chronic Conditions through Movement – Katelyn Corke
  • Spinal Health – A Collaborative Approach – Craig Bauman

Our inaugural workshop (March 9, 2016):

  • Understanding chronic pain and its impact on your body – Dr. Kim Moore
  • Psychological impact of chronic pain – Cara Kelterborn
  • Self-management strategies for a better life – Lynn Cooper